Creating a recurring campaign

Recurring campaigns are self-repeating countdown timers campaigns according to a set of timing rules.

Recurring Campaigns is a PRO feature. Don’t have a HurryTimer Pro license yet? Click here to select your plan

With HurryTimer Pro you can make countdown timer that recur on any timing pattern, here are some few examples:

  • Weekly on Monday at 1:00 PM, until December 31, 2019

  • Every Sunday at 10:00 AM, forever

  • Every 2nd Wednesday for 10 times

  • Daily at 05:00 PM for 30min, until September 24, 2019

  • Daily at 2:00PM on weekdays only

  • Every hour starting at 02:00 PM on Friday and Monday for 2 times

  • The first Wednesday of every month

  • The 16th day of every month

  • ...

To get started, navigate to HurryTimer > Add Campaign:

Then, you can set your campaign according the rules below:

  1. Click on the Schedule tab in the settings panel.

  2. Select Recurring mode.

  3. Select how often the event should recur.

  4. Enter the recurrence duration.

  5. Choose on which days to recur the campaign.

  6. Select the start date and time.

  7. Finally, set an end option, you can choose between ending after a set of recurrences, on a specific date and time, or simply choose Never to recur forever.

NOTE: The start Date/time is based on your site's timezone set under Settings > General.

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