My Evergreen timer is not working properly

If you have a caching plugin installed, you may encounter the following problems with your evergreen countdown timer:

  • The countdown resets automatically each time you refresh the page

  • The countdown has expired for all visitors

  • The same countdown is showing up for all visitors

Since evergreen timers depend on cookies to recognize returning visitors, certain aggressive caching settings may result in this problem. To solve it, you need to exclude the timer cookie from caching. Please follow the instructions below to implement this setting in your caching plugin:

Litespeed Cache

  1. Go to Litespeed Cache menu > Cache > Excludes

  2. Scroll down to Do Not Cache Cookies

  3. Add your timers' cookies. For instance, if the timer ID is 1234, as shown in the screenshot below:

the cookie should be named _ht_CDT-1234, as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

WP Rocket

  1. Go to the WordPress settings menu > WP Rocket > Advanced Rules, and scroll down to Never Cache Cookies

  2. Add the cookie _ht_CDT, as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

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